Changing the Screen Printing Game.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Screen Printer at Inkline Printing Columbus, OH

Welcome! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

We've been in the screen printing game for a long time. Well over 30 collective years to be exact. None of us were born with dreams of screen printing; But there's something about the look on someone's face when they see their ideas come to life that keep us coming back. It excites us. It motivates us. It pushes us to constantly innovate and polish our skills... so that the next project we tackle will be the best one yet.

One of the most important things we've learned over the years is that complacency will kill a business. We've seen it happen. For us, the inspiration to be the best comes naturally. We ACTUALLY care about your prints. Seriously. Nothing leaves our shop if we aren't stoked about it.

Come by and see what we're up to. We're always down to chat about our your next project, our love of printing, or anything at all. We'll show you how much we care.

-The Inkline Team

The Team.

Carlyn Pitterle

Head Honcho  //  CEO

Carlyn got her start in the apparel industry managing a small graphic t-shirt company in San Francisco. The business quickly grew and was acquired by The Chive, where she continued to manage the brand. She relocated to Columbus in 2017 where she served as Chief Operating Officer for Traxler Printing. Carlyn is  a Board Member for the Worthington Chamber of Commerce, and a professional aerial dance instructor.

Connor Pierce

Pantologist  //  COO

Connor Pierce is a screen printing professional with over a decade of experience in the design and apparel industry. He takes pride in providing the highest quality of craftsmanship, ensuring clients that their satisfaction is his top priority. Connor spends most of his free time in the competitive world of online gaming but can often be found enjoying the outdoors.

Joseph Fadden

Director of Doodles  //  Design

Joe has been involved in the screen printing world since 2013, starting off folding and packaging shirts for a very small San Francisco startup called Buy Me Brunch. He made the move to Columbus in 2017 to further explore the bustling apparel industry. Joe is also a classically trained pianist with a strong background in audio engineering.

Ben Clark

Print Magician  //  Production Operator

Ben is a seasoned screen printing professional with many years of experience. He has been a press operator at many screen printing shops in the Columbus area and has developed a second-nature familiarity with the entire process. Ben loves to see a good concert and is also an avid bicyclist.

We Love What We Do.

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